John Lovett

HMA Consultant John Lovett was born in Tucson, Arizona in May, 1957. The son of a World War II veteran, he enlisted in the U. S. Army in November, 1976 as an intelligence specialist. He served in the Army Security Agency (ASA) and Army Military Intelligence until 1980. While in the ASA, he traveled extensively and worked with the British, French, Israeli, and Egyptian armies. He learned and continues a proficiency in German and Russian.

He received a Reserve commission as an infantry second lieutenant in 1980. He served as an infantry officer and later an ordnance officer.

His first assignment was at Fort Leavenworth, KS. This assignment was followed by duty assignments in the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and V Corps in Germany. He left active duty in 1988 to pursue a career as a consultant to the aerospace industry. Currently, he consults as a senior military operational analyst in support of the Future Combat Systems program.

He is a technical writer of some note. He has written several articles for MILITARY REVIEW, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE MAGAZINE, and THE ORDNANCE MAGAZINE. Most particularly, he wrote the definitive study on small action support in his article in THE ORDNANCE MAGAZINE "Maintenance Support During The Falklands War." He is also a contributing editor to THE INTERNATIONAL MILITARY ENCYCLOPEDIA having written articles on the ADEN 20mm aircraft gun and the Falklands War. Currently, he writes article on the military and its influence on the motion picture industry.

In 1996, with the help of Carlos Dabreau at the Hollywood Screenwriters Network he founded The Hollywood Military Advisor Chat Board to help motion picture and television professionals find answers to their military questions. With an apparent expanding need, he then founded The Hollywood Military Advisor consulting firm and site.

In 1998, he created L&M Productions to help produce original screenplays and documentaries. L& M Productions in conjunction with GBN Communications of San Jose, CA, has produced CATHY MORGAN a science fiction mystery.